Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bungee Labs Adjusts Direction

First, these are my thoughts and understanding of what transpired and are not necessarily the position of Bungee Labs. This post is meant to personally address the announcement and related blogs and comments found in the cloud.

As one of the employees affected by the downsize, I am surprised by the vitriol and nay-saying going on here, including the original post though relatively more tactful. Bungee Labs occupies a frontier space where projections are less reliable but potentially more rewarding.

Most of us who were affected were allocated or brought into the company to promote and prepare for the viral increase in business that the business thought possible. The adoption rate was and is encouraging but the trend was shallower than what was expected that justified the need for our contributions.

Those contributions were not for naught, however. Rather, they were paused to allow demand to reach the capacity of what was built. Therefore, the need shifted from increasing capacity and support to increasing adoption and demand. The company is not stupid -- it is adjusting.

On a more general note, I have been a developer on open and proprietary technologies for a very long time. I believe in the Bungee Connect platform far more than any other, whether established or promised. So much so, I am exclusively developing my applications that I am personally creating on Bungee Connect. The technology is so compelling and ahead of the competition that I think it is more likely they will get acquired than they will go under. Therefore, the "risk" is much less than what I have seen expressed here or anywhere else.

I encourage everyone to remember when PCs were emerging as the new platform of the future. Industry insiders scoffed at Apple and Microsoft competing against such behemoths as IBM, DEC, the Bell companies and other blue chips who sought to dominate the PC market as they did the mainframe market. We know how that turned out.

Well, we are on the brink of another paradigm shift adoption that dwarfs the aforementioned one in terms of empowering industrious and ingenious individuals in scope and potential. Any company worth their salt will see the opportunity and attempt to compete in this space. I would not discount Bungee Labs. They are in an enviable position. Where their competition must allocate resources to their core market to stay competitive, like IBM and the Bells had to, they can be focused and agile. Additionally, they are already in a lead position.

Finally, of those companies in or emerging into the Platform-as-a-service market, I see Bungee Labs identifying with us, the upstarts, far more than the other "players." Will Microsoft? Google? Amazon? I can identify with Bungee Labs more, too. They are where I hope to be soon -- a leading business changing the world. How about you?

DISCLAIMER: As of this writing, I have no guaranteed stock interest, but is possible.

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