Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Internal Discord Over Iraq

What is best?
It is in the interest of Americans to win the war on terror. There is a notable difference between this war and most of the wars in human history -- this one not only benefits our side, but it also benefits the whole world.

What about Iraq?
Iraq is a sector in this war on terror. All the navel gazing and finger pointing is useless and unworthy of our country. Wars are hard to endure and harder still to win without internal political attacks that undermine the military and civilian efforts for victory. If you want to end the bombings, WIN. If you want our soldiers safe, WIN. If you want to have a role in leading our country, WIN. Americans do not support losers. Name one loser that Americans hold in high esteem and trust to have power that affects their lives. There are none. We want leaders that enable us to win. Not all situations allow us to have win-win opportunities. We win and the Iraqi people win. Who loses if we win? Terrorists and a despot. Who could be against that? Not anyone I will vote for. The constant bickering is squandering this opportunity.

What about intentions?
All political "intentions" aside, it is the results that matter. No nation, business, employee, sport, athlete or student remains one because of intentions. Though seemingly more tolerated in politicians, lack of results must be the least tolerable in politicians because of the depth and scope of impact of poor performance. Also, "intentions" that inhibit results cannot be tolerated.

Do everything in your power, such as it is, to win and reject everything that inhibits victory. So spend your efforts enabling us to win in all sectors of this war. Politicians, this is for you: you will do so or we Americans will find and empower those who can.



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